Serious accident...

Life is incomprehensible.
I decided to start exercising after I came back from California. I started using my bike every day near my house, going for short rides.

At the beginning I just wanted to get the rhythm, so I only ride up and down a circuit near my house. It wasn't something difficult at all, it was just riding on the road, so I didn't wear the helmet.
It was fine for some time. I was getting in shape and I was going regularly, what is even more difficult. At this point, every normal person would get a divine reward, a price for their dedication an effort. Something like losing some weight or build some muscle would sound at least fair.
Well... not even close!! I went last Friday to my daily ride, alone with my bike & my music. It was a strange day, sunny but very windy. I wasn't wearing a helmet, but I had gloves, glasses and a hat.
I completed a 6 laps circuit and went back home. I usually don't go directly back home because I don't like to have 180 heartbeats/minute one second and the next one be walking home, so I always ride near home at a slow pace to recover my heart frequency.
That's what I was doing, riding slowly to recover from the intense exercise I just did, when suddenly... a strong gust of wind made my front wheel to turn 90º, making me loose the balance and fall to the ground. My feet were trapped on the pedals (they're automatic, magnetic) so I guess I landed with my face on the ground. I think that I used my hands to soften the fall, but it seems that I didn't do a very good job...
Result? Pain & bleeding. I stood for a minute on the ground, shaking but conscious. I went home by my own and then went to the hospital with my mum. 32 stitches, with local anesthesia.

It was a new experience, something to remind me not to be lazy and use ALWAYS the helmet. However, if someone tried to scared me it was futile, cause as soon as I recover (hopefully this week) I'll be back with my bike (and my helmet), with the help of a new gym...