How would I describe it... painfully fun?

Chus is probably gonna write about it too, so I'll do it in English... What an adventure we had!! I'm not gonna write about how everything went like I usually do. Instead, You can watch the videos we made during it. They pretty much tell everything about the Festibike. The only bad thing is that one of them doesn't have any sound, my mistake...

Basically, it was devastating. We weren't doing bad at all, but after riding for like 2 hours we had a big problem. Or two, I would say. I had some mechanical problems with my gear change and when we finally fixed it, a guy came asking for help with his broken chain.

That made us lose 45 minutes, and what is worse, we lost our "rhythm". We suffered from there until the next provisioning. From then on, we were ok. Really tired in the end, but what can you expect? It was 50 miles long!!
We finally finished at around 17:30pm, and here's the proof of that.

The results of such an exploit can be felt right now. All my body hurts! I have a couple of bad bruises on the left leg (Where I fell on a couple of times), the rest is just general soreness...
But even today, with all my body hurting, I can say that I will do it again next year, without any doubt. It was a great experience: I learned a lot, I had a really good time with Chus and I learned hoe to suffer on the bike too!

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Vaishali dijo...

Suena... ¿divertido? Jajaja

Vídeos muy chulos, sobre todo el último... yo sé de una que se hubiera quedado a este lado del túnel!

Enhorabuena superhombres!