El corral de la morería

Last day in Madrid. It's been another amazing summer with Katie, 5 weeks of traveling and doing lots of things.
But it wasn't over. Not yet. I had a little surprise for her the last night, one she didn't know anything about. It was El corral de la morería, the best "tablao flamenco" of the whole world.
We went in at 9pm and had a very nice dinner. After it, came the show.

It started with 4 dancers, two guitars and two singers. They sang popular flamenco songs and did some individual and groups dances. It was really good, but the best was about to come...
After 40 minutes, they stopped and went to rest. The silence didn't last long, cause the main artists came after just 5 minutes, Soraya Clavijo & Joselito Fernández.

It was incredible. They were incredible. Sometimes they were just following the rythm with their hands, but some others they just expressed all the rythm in them by exploding with energetic dances. Nothing prepared, it was all from the inside. Pure flamenco.
Another great experience that I shared with Katie... What will be the next one? We'll see... :)
This video is not from the night we went, but you can still see how the place looks ad what of music they play... ;)

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Onir dijo...

El director de ese tablado come en el restaurante casi todos los días :D

Me sorprendió al verle un día en una revista.