Saint Louis

I've started in Saint Louis! Today was my second day of classes and it's been great! I haven't been able to talk much with the people because there are a lot of mini-groups formed during the orientation trips. Still, it's really cool. The campus is small, with 3 buildings (1 more on the way) and the teachers are extremely nice.
On the first day I didn't do much. I met the faculty and listened to a bunch of advises ment mainly for the americans living in Madrid. Then lunch and then the TOEFL. It was a long exam, but I think I did great.
Today I only went to Chemistry. We are 13 in class and the teacher is super nice. She made a small quiz about general things of chemistry. Everybody was like... "I haven't done anything of chemistry in years"... or "I don't remember!"... well, I thought it was too easy, so maybe I'll do fine in this one! :D
I also tried to fix my shcedule. I wanna take french instead of History, but it seems that French is full and the level might be too easy for me... Plus, I still have to talk with Taieb Gasmi, the faculty of Science and Engineering director, about some doubts that I have about the american system (scolarships, GPA...). Because english is not the only difference between the UPM and Saint Louis, the system changes too! I won't have anymore grades from 1 to 10, from now on they would be from F to A! Although, if you're reading this, it's very probable that you are in the amrican system and think that I'm nuts, but... who cares...
I'll write about this new system and the differences with the spanish one as soon as I get to know it better.