21 years old

So, now I'm old enough to drink alcohol anywhere in the world..
Last Tuesday was my birthday. It wasn't going to be very exciting, I didn't have anything planned. I was going to class, go to the barbecue that my university was making to welcome all the new students and then going to dinner with my family to celebrate it.
But, as usually, nothing went as expected. After the barbecue, I was supposed to meet Vaishali. I thought she just wanted to wish me happy birthday in person or something like that. It turned out that she came with a bunch of telec@s and even brought a birthday cake! They were all hidden in the middle of the street waiting for everyone to arrive. Once they were all ready, they sang a happy birthday to me in the middle of the street and I blew the 21 candles (didn't count them, I guessed they were 21...). That was very pro, a cake with candles!
Anyway, it was a nice day. Simple but very nice.
Thank you very much to all of you who were/wantedToBeButCouldn'tBe there!!
Teleco forever!!!