Advantages of going to a multi-cultural university

Today I had a History class from 12:00 to 12:50. We were talking about the Phoenicians and how they "invented" money and the alphabet. It wasn't very interesting, the teacher trying to make everyone participate.
Suddenly, he asked if anyone knew how to write in Arabic, to see if their alphabet also expressed sounds/letters or was something different. A Moroccan girl raised her hand and starts explaining everything about Arabic writing. I was already amused by the sudden demonstration when the teacher asked if anyone else had a different writing system.
This time a girl from Croatia came to the blackboard and showed us how Cyrillic was.
When madness seemed to be over, a Nigerian guy and a girl from Ghana explained us all about the dialects from their countries...
That is the main advantage of studying here. Cultural diversity.
I'll keep writing more about more new aspects of my new university...