Low blogging mode

I'm in low blogging mode because it's been CRAZY lately. Hecka work at FON (I'm there right now, after a press conference we just gave about chuecawifi). I also have some translations pending and I have to study chemistry to give my brother some quick lessons before his finals...
I'll be back as soon as I can with new stories!
Until then... Be happy!

3 Comentarios:

xabi dijo...

sólo sabemos quejarnos :P

álvaro, ¡¡¡qué sería de nosotros sin tí!!!

ias1986™ dijo...

I hope to hear from you soon as much as I hope to see you soon!!! Good luck with your exams ;)

Wanchope dijo...

vaya wishlist, colega
q humildad!
si q pides poco, eh? xD

dale duro a tu ermano, q se merece unas buenas ostias