What a day so far!!

It's been a really good day so far!
I woke up at 9:30 am and went to play tennis with my brother for a couple of hours. It was freaking hot, but we played two sets. I won the first one 7-6 (10-8) and he won the other one 6-4. It was so nice, I thought he was gonna be worse, but we had a tied game until the end. I can't wait until we play again some other day, seems like I found someone good enough to practice with! :)
After that, we went home. First time in the pool for me, with one of my new swimsuits and my new goggles. Cold like ice, but it felt sooo nice too! I love swimming... I hope I can do it a lot more from now on, cause... I'm done with FON! Today is my last day, I just need to go to Chueca to deliver some papers and... voila!
It's been really fun and productive, I'll write a longer post about it soon...
So that's it, I'm leaving soon to go to repair our fantastic coffee machine. It stopped working a couple of days ago, and my mum was like crazy to repair it, cause she got totally addicted... After that, I'll go to Chueca, then back home to finish the last details on the translations for Elena and then... I'll might go to Kapital with Chus & Co. We will see that, cause tomorrow I'm leaving to Fuenterrabía to Gorka's house to party like crazy... Finally...
And Katie is just 10 days away... Sounds like this summer is going to be fun... :D